Brotherhood Initiative


June 5, 2019

Ike Nawnkwo

Ikechi Nawnkwo works at Computing Kids – an education program that teaches elementary and middle school-aged kids to use programming languages – and Google as an SWE Intern. As a Computer Science major, he hopes to use these experiences to develop innovative technology for the future.

Kyle Rearden

After Kyle Rearden completes an undergraduate degree in Economics and Business, he hopes to return to his hometown and use his education to better his community and applying to law school. He has been active in the EOP scholars academy, and is set to be the Economics Intern at the Alyeska Pipeline Services for the…

Ayax A. Franco

After completing his undergraduate education, Ayax A Franco plans to apply for an MBA Graduate program and pursue a career in finance. Currently he is completing his degree in Political Science with a focus in International Political Economy. Along with his studies, he is working towards this goal by acting as the Student Fiscal Analyst…

Madison Douglas

Hoping to enter the field of medicine and public health, Madison Douglas is studying Medical Anthropology and Global Health with a focus in Physiology. He is currently occupied conducting research at Harborview Medical Center, examining the social determinants of health, and participating in the Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity (a physician-focused fraternity, of which…

Abel Acevedo

Abel Acevedo is in the Construction Management program at UW who is involved with the Micronesian Club and UUSA (a sub-group of Unite UW).

Andrew Chhor

Andrew Chhor studies public health and is interested in attending Dental School. He worked as a Treasurer for KHSA, Academic Chair SAE, HD for MUN, and a park ranger. He is currently applying for a research position. He has 2 Dean’s List awards.

Faustino Hampson-Medina

Faustino Hampson-Medina is an ESRM major, who is minoring in American Indian Studies. He is involved in First Nations at UW and has worked at the Intellectual House. He has worked for DDCSP, Wilson Lab (2017), and was an intern at Winnedbago EPD. After graduation he wants to attend grad school and work as a…

May 20, 2019

Caleb Yates

Caleb Yates is double-majoring in Astronomy and Applied Physics, and minoring in American Indian Studies. After graduation he is aiming to complete the Doctorate program for Astronomy. He is a First Nations at UW Member (after having served as senator for two quarters), worked at Intellectual House for a year, and is an alum of…

Alex Hogoin

Alex Hogoin is double-majoring in economics and political science. His involvements include the Brothers in Color, Rainy Dawg student radio, and a tech support job at the Foster School of business. He also works as a Full Stack developer and a technician for a used computer store.

Auston Jimmicum

Auston Jimmicum is the receiver of the Pride Foundation Washington Regional Scholarship, Fred G. Zahn Foundation Scholarship, the Husky Promise, and the Michelle Chingwa Educational Honorarium. He is a Law, Societies, and Justice (LSJ) major that is minoring in American Indian Studies. After graduation he plans to attend law school.

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