Brotherhood Initiative

Welcome to the Brotherhood Initiative

The Brotherhood Initiative is a cohort-based program that provides opportunities for academic growth and leadership, exploration of intersecting identities, and support to underrepresented men of color at the University of Washington. 

What’s New

  • The BI was recently featured in the University of Washington Magazine. Read the story here.
  • BI students from cohorts 1-4 celebrated their graduation in June 2022.
  • The BI partnered with the Northwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety (NWCOHS) to introduce students to the field of occupational health and safety. Learn more through this blog post.

What is the BI?

A Learning Community of Scholars

BI Scholars become part of an enriching and supportive learning community from the first day they arrive at the UW campus.  Students take seminars with their cohort members in their freshman and sophomore years, which focus on campus resources, career exploration, academic skill-building, leadership development, health and wellness, and additional topics that promote college success. Discussions about identity and how it affects men of color are also at the core of our curriculum. 

Resources & Supports

In addition to the seminars, students also receive ongoing individualized support and guidance from the BI project team and campus partners, and from BI peer mentors.  Throughout the year, we hold various events and workshops for students to engage in meaningful academic, professional development, and research opportunities. The cohort experience, including program curriculum and mentorship, spans each student’s entire journey at UW.