Brotherhood Initiative

Program Overview

Peer mentors and incoming students at BI New Student Orientation

What is the BI?

The UW Brotherhood Initiative is a cohort-based program that provides participants with networks and resources that promote educational success. We focus on building academic, civic, and leadership opportunities such as undergraduate research, professional networking, discussions around campus resources, study abroad, the positive social change challenge, and much more. Through these multiple forms of engagement, students gain the skills they need to thrive in college and wherever their journey takes them after graduation. There are three main components of the BI:

BI Curriculum

BI Scholars take two year-long, two-credit academic seminars with their cohort in their first and second years. These seminars integrate academic skill-building, utilization of university resources, and major & career exploration with in-depth engagement in issues of race, masculinity, and intersectional identities.

Individualized Student Support

BI Scholars meet individually with BI staff each quarter to discuss academic and non-academic successes and challenges. These check-ins serve as a critical complement to the EOP and departmental advising that students receive, and provide the opportunity for students to seek out personalized resources and referrals.

Educational and Social Activities

A wide variety of other activities and events are offered for BI Scholars, including a first-year student retreat, career and networking events, quarterly advising, study halls, intramural sports, peer mentoring, an end-of-year celebration, and more. Learn more about the BI student experience here.