Brotherhood Initiative

Research & Publications

The mission of the BI is to empower men of color undergraduates to thrive and graduate prepared for a lifetime of leadership, service, and success. To accomplish this, the BI conducts interdisciplinary research about factors that promote the success of young men of color, in order to improve practice and contribute to the literature and research available on the experiences of underrepresented men of color within higher education.

BI students working on a group project in the first-year seminar

Theory of Action Brief Series

This series of nine briefs will provide definitions, background, and implementation examples for both practitioners and administrators to consider when designing initiatives, courses, and partnerships intended to serve undergraduate men of color at all institutions, but particularly predominantly white institutions.

Brief 1: Introduction to BI Theory of Action
Conditions for Success
Brief 2: Sense of Belonging for Men of Color
Brief 3: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy for Men of Color
Brief 4: Culturally Responsive Guidance for Men of Color
Brief 5: Continuity of Support for Men of Color
Strategic Areas of Student Enrichment
Brief 6: Academic Guidance and Support for Men of Color
Brief 7: Psychosocial and Identity Development for Men of Color
Forthcoming Briefs:
      • Brief 8: Career Development and Professionalization for Men of Color
      • Brief 9: Community-Based Learning and Leadership Development for Men of Color


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