Brotherhood Initiative

BI 2021 Graduates

The Brotherhood Initiative is excited to celebrate our second class of 23 graduating scholars!

Cohort 1

Isaac Apreza – Earth Space and Sciences: Geology

Marcos Hernandez-Ibarra – Medical Anthropology and Global Health

Ephriam Kassa – Geography: GIS, Mapping, and Society

Daniel Lopez – Earth and Space Science: Physics

Roberto Lopez – Political Science: International Security

Wade Washington – Public Health-Global Health

Tensae Woldeselassie – Computer Science and Software Engineering

Cohort 2

Nahom Abi – Geography: Data Science

Askia Amen – Law, Societies, and Justice

Anthony Bitekego – Economics

Andrew Chhor – Public Health-Global Health 

Jordan Crawford – Business Administration: Marketing

Madison Douglas – Medical Anthropology and Global Health

Mohamed Egal – Informatics: Human-Computer Interaction

Faustino Hampson-Medina – Environmental Science and Resource Management

Omar Hassan – Sociology

Abdulrahman Idris – Business Administration: Information Systems

Mohamed Nour – Sociology

Ike Nwankwo – Computer Science

Dalton Owens – Community, Environment and Planning and Political Science

Kyle Rearden – Economics

David Telix-Silverio – Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health

Ibrahim Yusuf – Education, Communities, and Organizations

Watch our virtual graduation celebration below!